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well i went to the Loblaws at Leslie and Lakeshore in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

they have many cell phones displayed there.

the only one I wanted was not available and hasn't been for some time. there was a note beside the phone which said to ask the customer service department. so i went to the customer service department and asked a very nice young man about the phone. he was very courteous and apologized because he didn't know.

he went to get the so-called "head of customer service". well this woman was rude and short with me, she said she had no idea about the phone. then i asked if anyone else might know. she said "no one in any Loblaws in this country knows" with soo much attitude.

and she was swinging her hands and pointing in my face like I'm a child or something. then i said to her well if the phone is disconntinued you should remove the phone from the display. she rudely said "that's impossible" . she did not apologize or attempt to offer me another phone.

she was extremely rude and short with me, almost to the point of her yelling. She clearly should not have a job in customer service since she doesn't know how to talk to customers.

Since the phone is disconntinued she should have stood her *** up off her chair and walk the literally ten steps to the phone display and write DISCONNTINUED on the slip of paper next to the phone which clearly stated to the customer to inquire at the CUSTOMER SERVICE desk which she clearly should NOT work at.

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Toronto, Ontario, Canada #588754

It makes me angry because I had applied to this same Loblaws one year before and was not hired, not even called for an interview, not even given a chance it makes me mad because people like this should not get hired in the first place but someone as nice and capable as me cannot even find a job at freakin Loblaws like are you kiddin me!

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